Legal papers required for civil weddings in Crete & Santorini, Greece

legal papers for weddings in crete or santorini

The under mentioned documents are required in order that your wedding in Greece be valid in your own country.

The required documents mentioned hereunder must have the "Haager Apostille" stamp in order to legalise them and this can only be given to you when you personally present the documents.

When sending the documents to us, all documents must be the originals and must have the Apostille Stamp on them so that the wedding can take place therefore do not send us any documents without the Apostle Stamp on them.

  • Full birth certificates of both parties
    The couple is obligated to obtain full version of documents in A4; no shorter version will be accepted, both parents’ full names are required

  • Certificate of Non-impediment to marry for both parties
    This document confirms that you have not been married and that you are free to marry. This document is available from your local Registrar and it mustn’t be issued more than 3 months before your wedding day. Please note that 2 certificates are required. One document with the man’s name at the top and one with the woman’s name at the top.

  • Decree Absolute
    In case of one or both parties having been divorced, you are obligated to obtain this certificate.

  • Spouse's death certificate and previous marriage certificate
    If you are widowed you are obligated to obtain this certificate.

  • Deed Poll certificate or Statutory Declaration
    If you have changed your name in the past. Please note this includes divorcees who have reverted to their maiden name.

  • Adoption certificate
    In case of one or both parties having been adopted, you are obligated to obtain this certificate.

In addition to the above documents, you require the following without an Apostille stamp:
Copy of your Passport or identification card from both parties.

Please note that with regards to a wedding in Greece:
All documents must be translated and certified by the Greek Embassy / Consulate in your home country and copies sent to us 6 weeks before the wedding date so that they are checked by the Registry Office in advance. The original documents must be brought with you as copies are not acceptable for the wedding ceremony.

Without the above mentioned necessary documents your wedding cannot take place.The Greek authorities keep all original documentation in their files.

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