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09.05.2018 Detlef and Magrit from Germany, beachwedding in Agia Galini

Dear Lissi and Georg,
We both thank you very, very much for the great planning and the equally great course of the ceremony. It was great that you made it possible for us to celebrate this unique event with our friends at our favourite place in the south of Crete (Agia Galini). Also our wedding guests were pleasantly surprised how great you did it. There was also great praise from them. In the beginning it was difficult for us to carry out the wedding idea on the island of the many gods and legends. By the contact with you and the friendly consultation, the thought took now forms. The decoration with the flowers on the beach was great. The mayor trusted us and thanks to your translation everything went well, we were tingling and the tension was great, logo. You were always there for us for any questions about the wedding. Your commitment is not only a profession, but a heartfelt task, which we really admire very much. Our big request is... "KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! We hope to meet you soon on Crete again. Everything went perfectly and we can only recommend you.
Thank you very much
Magrit and Detlef
Strandhochzeit von Detlef MagritTrauung von Detlef und MagritStrand Dekoration für die Hochzeit von Detlef und Magrit

12.05.2018 Helene and Daniel from Germany, civil wedding in Santorini

Trauung vin Helene und DanielHochzeitsgesellschaft von Helene und DanielHelene und Daniel

18.05.2018 Mascha and Alex from Germany, beachwedding near Malia

The best day of our lives!
Dear Lissi!
We would like to thank you once again for your grandiose work!
We had an absolutely perfect dream experience with you and our wedding, which our guests still very often address us to this day. Sentences like: "Your wedding was the absolutely most beautiful wedding we have ever been to" are no rarity. From the absolutely charming meeting with "Perfect Wedding" to the last hour of our wedding, the cooperation was simply a feast for the senses. To everyone...really EVERYONE we wish such a grandiose wedding with such an absolutely perfect
Planning. From the financial handling of all costs to the smallest details, everything was perfectly coordinated through and through and the slogan "Perfect Wedding" can only be underlined absolutely. You carry the name absolutely rightly!
By far the most impressing thing about me as a bride was the fact that you always found open ears with all your wishes and thoughts. One could have called at any time and for example said: "Dear Lissi, my husband and I... we wish for three pink donkeys galloping over the beach from the left and a helicopter landing on the right side at 1.45 p.m.". - and the next day one would have a concrete financial offer from Lissi including all other achievements and
Possibilities of various providers. In other words: Perfect Wedding makes every wish possible, no matter how crazy it may be. And if a certain wish should not be possible, then there are immediately alternative offers, which are in no way inferior to the actual wish.
Dearest Lissi!
To have had you as a wedding planner on Crete was one of the best decisions of our life. We had an absolutely perfect wedding! A thousand thanks!
If one could now still say: "EVERY TIME RETURN!" then one would say absolutely under any time immediately: "EVERY TIME RETURN!!!"
A warm embrace!
Alex & Mascha

Strandhochzeit von Mascha und AlexanderRingkissen von Mascha und AlexMascha und Alex Sonnenuntergang

21.05.2018 Nicole and Tobias from Germany, civil wedding on Santorini

Nicole und Tobias HochzeitNicole und Tobias mit Ihren GästenTischdekoration der Hochzeitsfeier von Nicole und Tobias

22.05.2018 Marie-Luise and Daniele from Germany, civil wedding on Santorini

Dear Lissi,
you have made our small, private wedding on Santorini a wonderful and unforgettable day. From the very first telephone call we felt that we were in good hands with you. You were always available for us and could answer all our questions. Our wishes and ideas were implemented on site exactly as we had dreamed. The decoration and especially the bridal bouquet and flower wreath were beautiful. Thanks also to the selection of the beautiful location and the great photographer you had organized. The bureaucracy also worked perfectly thanks to you. We would also like to thank you for the wonderful wedding present, which was given a place of honour in our apartment. 
Many thanks and greetings to your husband,
Marie & Daniele

Marie-Luise und Daniele Ringkissen BlumendekoMarie-Luise Trauung auf SantoriniRingwechsel Ringe anstecken Marie-Luise und Daniele

28.06.2018 Melanie and Andreas from Germany, civil wedding on Santorini

Dear Lissi, 
dear Georg,
a very special thank you - for organizing such a great location for us - the Hammer!
You took care of everything, made sure that everything went smoothly and made the most beautiful day of our lives come true!
Feel pressed, 
kind regards
Melanie and Andreas
Melanie und Andreas Trauung TerrasseRingschale Trauringe von Andreas und Melanie2018 06 28 Melanie Andreas 8

02.07.2018 Doreen and Andre from Germany, marriage renewal in Petres - near Rethymnon

Dear Lissi,
Thank you very much for the complete organization of our wedding. 
We felt already from your first answer / email very well and in good hands. Since we could not really do anything for the planning of the wedding here in Germany, we put everything into your hands. You were always available for us and had great tips and ideas. Your loving, reliable and uncomplicated nature was very pleasant and calming. A huge thank you goes also to the dear Georg. The mediation of our photographer, apartment and location were also a direct hit. 
So with your experience and an enormous professionalism you made our wedding a mad dream wedding, a unique moment in our life. 
Perfect Wedding
All the best for you
André, Nick & Doreen
Familienfoto Doreen und AndreBrautstrauss von DoreenBrautstrauß Doreen und Andre Sonnenuntergang

18.07.2018 Julia and Pascal from Germany, marriage renewal in Kavros

Dear Lissi, dear Georg,
many greetings from Germany.
We wanted to thank you again. For the eye to detail and the perfect execution of our day. We felt completely comfortable and in good hands with you. Your present found a nice place with us. A great memory.
Julia,Pascal and Finn
Julia Pascal Traumhochzeit am StrandStrandhochzeit von Julia und PascalGlückliches Brautpaar Julia und Pascal am Strand

28.07.2018 Ranya and Rebin from Sweden, symbolic wedding on Santorini

Hi my wonderful Lissi! Im so sorry that i haven’t wrote anything about our beautiful wedding that you created. I’ve been so busy with life it’s crazy, really crazy. We have just moved to a new city with a new beautiful place! We are happy have great new jobs and will soon in a few weeks travel to Malta. Sense Santorini and Italy we have been to london in Christmas and New Years and now it’s time to travel again. We love new culture. We will come back to Santorini when we have a baby ;-), but that will not be for a while. I just wanted to say from the bottom of mine and Rebins heart that you did an amazing job for our dream wedding. I couldn’t definitely not have created such amazing, magnificent wonderful beautiful most amazing wedding on this planet. You listened to what I wanted and you just did it beautifully. What I had in my mind and heart you made it come true. Everyone loved the wedding and complimented us on how beautiful everything was and how amazing the food was to on pyrgos. Seriously from the bottom of our heart we just want to say thank you for everything Lissi, everything was really perfect and I want to thank you for your dedication to our wedding. Everyone should have an amazing wedding planner just like you. Someone who listen and understand what someone wants.
We love you Lissi.
Much love from Ranya & Rebin

Ranya und Rebin TrauungTrauung Ranya und RebinRanya und Rebin Traung Terrasse Sonnenuntergang

12.09.2018 Hiki and Stephan from Austria, civil marriage in Paleochora

Dear Lissi!
Already after our first telephone call with you we knew to have made the correct choice. You were always friendly and very eager to help us in the preparation year. On the day of our wedding and our first personal acquaintance, you took away all our nervousness with your calm nature. We were overwhelmed by the beautiful ambience you had created and the atmosphere it created. 
We thank you from the bottom of our hearts that you made our dream come true - simply unforgettable!!
Love greetings from Hiki and Stephan
Hiki und StephanStephan und Hiki am StrandSonnenuntergang nach Hochzeit

20.09.2018 Heidi and Manny from Austria-Tyrol, civil wedding on the beach

Dear Lissi and Georg!
We would like to take this opportunity to thank you very much for making our wedding an unforgettable and wonderful event! Everything went so smoothly from the pick-up with the shuttle bus at the hotel, the wedding ceremony on the beach, the following dinner in the tavern of Siroko - the food and the good wine were simply fantastic -, the great wedding cake and much more! You both organized and arranged everything so great! For us you made our dream come true! Thank you very much again!
Your Heidi & Manny from Tyrol
Heidi und Manny hier kommt die BrautHeidi und Manny am StrandManny und Heidi mit Ihrer Hochzeitsgesellschaft

01.10.2018 Sarah and Hans from Germany, civil wedding on the beach

Dear Lissi!
Thank you very much for your great organization of our wedding! Through you we had a relaxed and dreamlike wedding day and could enjoy the whole day, because you were always there, so that everything went perfectly. The ceremony, the stand, the decoration... everything was wonderfully prepared, you made our day a very special one. 
Greetings from Hans and SarahSarah und Hans Heirat am StrandBrautpaar umringt von Familie und FreundenHochzeitsempfang von Sarah und Hans

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